White Plains Mayor, Joseph Delfino, visits Reilly League of Artists

Saturday October 1 2005. Mayor Delfino was delighted in seeing a gallery displaying art work which subject was his portraiture. Year ending 2003, the mayor sat for a few hours while the artists started a portraiture study of the Mayor and some artist completed working from photos they had taken. Since that time the Reilly League had to relocate its studio and this was the first opportunity to show the mayor the art work.

Portrait by P. M-Sutherland



E.C. Lipton / ARTSPEAK Gallery Review Vol. VIII, No. 16.


“P. Miner Sutherland is known for her studies of the highest quality-thoroughbred horses-in oils, water colors, etchings etc. She paints them at their best, in action, and the spirit of their rhythms brings them to life”.


“She evokes their dynamic rhythm and brings out the essence of what creates the fascination of man for horse”.


“Miner Sutherland’s talent is capable of carrying movement no matter what the action-running free, with a jockey, in races or at polo.”


“The tension of speed and action are caught with great zest. These spontaneous works in several media seem more vivid than life”.